Friday, March 8, 2013

Cookie Box Tutorial

At last as promised here is my cookie box tutorial.

These are my new favorite structural cookies to make!  They were a huge hit for Valentines day, and I can't wait to use them for other special events.

Here is what you will need to make your very own cookie box:
Your favorite sugar cookie dough
Food Coloring
Stiff Royal Icing
Silipat Mat or Parchment Paper
Stencil Paper

Before starting out decide how big of a box you want to make and cut a template out of card-stock, paper, or ideally stencil paper.

Here are the approximate measurements for my box:
Small End: 2in x 2in
Large Sides and Bottom: 4.5in x 2in
Top of Box:  I got super mathematical here and made it slightly larger than the sides....
Top Knob: Hand cut
Bottom Feet: Cut 2in x .5in (I just used my small end template and eyeballed it)

Starting Out

Role out your cookie dough and get to cutting.  You will need 1 top, two long sides, one bottom and two short sides as well as feet (made using the short side template)

 You will also need a knob for the top so you can open the box easily.  I made mine by stamping a small circle to my cookie dough and then cutting it out.  I also added a small hand cut heart to the top of the circle since the box was for Valentines day.

Once all your cookies are cut out it is time to pain them.  You can choose to skip this step if you plan on icing the whole box.  I like the look of painted cookies because the food coloring cracks as the cookie bakes giving the box an antique look.  After Painting the cookies place them in the freezer for 10 min or more to ensure they do not spread too much while they bake.


 I like to let my cookies sit out for a day before icing them, it is totally up to you how soon you ice them, just be sure they are completely cool.  Mix up a stiff royal icing (check out Bake at 350 to get started if you have never made royal icing before)

Making a cookie box is a whole lot like making a ginger bread house.  First attach one of the long sides to the bottom piece by piping a strip of royal icing along the bottom of the side piece.  Attach and support with a cup or whatever you have on hand.  

Continue your way around the box being sure to support each side you attach with a cup.  While you let the icing set you can attach the knob to the top of your box by placing a small dot of royal icing on the bottom of the knob. 

Once the icing has had a bit of time to set pipe icing along the sides to connect them.  I intentionaly left a gap between my cookies because I wanted to have some icing showing on the outside.  Pipe all four corners and then...

Pipe along the inside of the box as well.  Now is a good time to put a hidden message in the box as well.

Once the icing has had a good long time to dry (2 hours or all day, whatever works for you) attach the feet to the bottom of the box.

The feet really are optional but I think the box looks much nice with them.  Finally it is time to decorate.  You can do this before or after constructing the box.  I wanted to practice piping on a vertical surface so I did it after the box was made, but it is easier to do it before constructing the box.

Make some fun mini cookies or chocolates to fill your box or put some other fun stuff inside, notes, jewelry, candy, really anything goes.

See how I added fancy sides to the box, and or attempted to

Happy chocolate truffles nestled in their very own cookie box.

A special message for the lucky gal who received this box.   
See how big and long that message is on the under side of the lid....big mistake on my part because it kept the lid from sitting flush on the box, next time I will have to keep the message much shorter.

Well that's all guys, hope this was a helpful tutorial.  Please feel free to leave questions in the comment section and I will get back to you asap.  Also please feel free to send me pictures of  your fancy cookie boxes, I can't wait to see them!!!