Thursday, July 14, 2011

Pudding Pie

Like you may have read in my previous post I have been teaching an after school reading club here in Korea for the past 3 years. My advanced class of readers have just finished the boxcar children and my intermediat class just finished reading Amelia Bedelia. For their cooking project we made pie! I would have loved to have them make lemon merurange pie, but being in Korea and all it just wasn't possible, time, money and supply wise. Instead we made banana pudding pie. I made pie crusts in muffin tins for the kids to fill. I made chocolate and vanilla pudding and the kiddos got to pipe that into their mini pie, add bananas, and chocolate for decoration. It was a fun and messy expirence. The kids loved their pie though ^^

The kids loved showing off thier pies ^^

My poor husband was feeling left out. He always sees me get all this delicious stuff ready for school and then is bummed when I don't have any left for him. These two were his special treat.

Cake for Kiddies

This week marks my last week teaching in Korea.
For the past 3 years I have been teaching an after school reading club.
I wan't to instil a love of reading in my students. Many of them only have time for studying, and don't have time to sit down an appriciate a good book.
We read one or two books a semester. This year we read boxcar children books, a favorite from my childhood. Every so often I try to bring the book to life for the stuents. The boxcar children books are great because they talk about cooking a lot. It is a great way for my students to learn first hand about western style food. This semester we made bread, had a clam boil and on our last day of class decorated a cake. The following are some fun pictures from our cake decorating day.

I made the cake the night before (I have always wanted to try a cake like this, thanks to she is wonderful!) Hope you enjoy, I know the kiddies did ^^