Sunday, July 6, 2014

Madeleines/ blogging date night

The hubby and I have thought up a new brilliantly cheep date night.  It involves staying home a glass of wine or beer a camera and making stuff.  I am talking about a blogging date night of course.  Hubby has a blog about wine making.  For those of you who can read Korean go here for those of you who can't read Korean go check it out anyway it's fun to look at.
Basically date night consists of us helping each other with our projects.  I help the hubby make wine and he helps me with my baking.  We take pictures for one another and hold desk lamps up for one another (we are super technical with our lighting here)
Tonights date night involved the making of a traditional Korean rice wine Makgeolli  and Madeleine cookies (for breakfast on Sunday)

Because I had an extra hand while I was working I decided to make a tutorial for you all.  I have a few different ways that I make madeleines this is the very first way that I tried right after I bought my first pan.
The recipe I use is basically the same as the the one featured on  The Kitchn so if you don't need the pictures to help you out with the step by step I would recommend going over there.  If you want to hang out and look at some photos then this is the place to be.

You Will Need:

1 stick of butter and 3 tablespoons of butter (for greasing the pan)
2/3 cup of sugar
1 cup of flour and 1 tablespoon (for the pan)
2 eggs
1 teaspoon vanilla
Pinch of salt (if using unsalted butter)
1 tablespoon lemon juice (about 1/2 a lemon)
Zest of 1 lemon (about 1 tablespoon)

How To Do It:

1. Cut one stick of butter into small chunks and place in a small sauce pan.  Melt the butter until it starts to bubble, you can remove from the heat now or for extra tasty madeleines brown your butter.  Keep it on medium heat until you can see the butter start to brown or smell a toasty nutty smell. Be sure to keep a close eye on your butter or it can burn.  Once removed from the heat pour into a small bowl and set aside to cool.

toasty nutty sweet browned butter

2. Mix 1 cup of flour and the 2/3 cup of sugar into a small bowl and set aside

3. Place the wet ingredients in the bowl of a stand mixer or a medium sized bowl.  With the whisk attachment mix the two eggs, vanilla, salt, lemon juice and zest until the eggs are frothy.

ready to get mixin
frothy happy eggs
ready for the dry ingredients
4. Fold the dry ingredients into the wet and then fold in the cooled butter (the butter can still be warm to the touch but not hot, you don't want to cook your eggs)

mix mix mix

add the butter
look at that nice nutty browned butter
5. Rest the batter in the fridge for 1 hour to overnight.

mix just until incorporated.  you don't want to loose you air bubbles that you whisked into the eggs. 
6. While the batter is resting melt the remaining 3 tablespoons of butter and whisk in the remaining tablespoon of flour.

7. Prepare your pans by brushing the melted butter and flour mixture into the pans.  Place the pans in the freezer for 1 hour to overnight.

brush brush brush

8. Preheat the oven to 350 and fill the pans with one tablespoon of batter for each well.

9. Bake for 8 minutes and then rotate the pans, bake for an additional 5 minutes.  The madeleines should be brow around the edges and have puffy domes along the back.  When touched the madeleines should feel a bit spongy.

10. Remove and let the madeleines cool for 2 minutes in the pan.  Invert the pan over a cookie sheet or cooling rack and lightly tap.
11. Dust with powdered sugar or dip in chocolate or just eat them as they are.

The hubby and I had these for breakfast with some fruit salad and coffee.

Have a Sweet Sunday everyone ^^

as always Stay Sweet

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Mankato West Class of 04

I went to my High School 10 Year Reunion this past well as a graduation party for a little boy that I babysat for/literally changed his diapers.  So I'm feeling old ;p

The reunion was a lot of fun though.  It was great catching up with people who I haven't seen since graduation and learning where they are in their lives.  

I lucked out big time because the 1st part of the reunion was a potluck in the park and I just happened to be assigned desserts.  So I broke out the airbrush hand made a stencil of my school logo and airbrushed and iced some cookies.

The cookie is a brand new franken recipe that I came up with.  It is a combo of 2 different chocolate cookie recipes and a coconut cookie recipe.  The result was a brownie/cake like cookie with coconut flecks scattered throughout.  As soon as I remember exactly what I did to make them I will post a recipe.

Hope your kick off to your summer is as exciting as mine has been so far.

Stay Sweet Everyone!

Good Luck Y'all

I was recently comishonded to make some cookies for a going away party.  No problem, I can do that.  Then I heard what the theme was....Texas.

Hmmmm, I was stumped.  I know Texas has some wonderful culture but I have never been and never thought much about it.  I turned Bake and 350 for inspiration remembering she did some beautiful themed Texas cookies awhile back.

I was struck with inspiration and after consulting with my client we decided on a bedazzled texas theme.
The results were extra shiny sparkly cookies and a better understanding on how to do a set of texas themed cookies.

I have to say that the Lone Stars were a lot of fun to make.  I would love to make a bunch of the double stacked cookies pictured below in a variety of colors.  There is something very calming about piping repeating geometric shapes.  

The one thing this set really taught me was how important it is to have quality luster dust.  Right after I finished this set I went out and bought some quality luster dust instead of the big name brand you can find in your local craft stores.  I will try and post a comparison of the two later on so you can see the difference in quality.  This set would have been far easier with a better quality product.  

So that's my Texas themed set for Y'all hope you enjoyed it.  

Finally being a Minnesotan girl and having the client be from Minnesota as well I just had to break out my Minnesota cutter for a few cookies.

Stay Sweet Everyone!

Saturday, April 12, 2014

Where'd you go Bernadette

I joined a book club!
I have always wanted to be in a book club but never had the opportunity.
When my friend told me she was creating one I was thrilled and couldn't wait to start reading out first book which happened to be Where'd you go Bernadette by Maria Semple (who was a writer for Arrested Development)

Here is a quick blurb about the book:
This novel was so much fun. A comic novel with mystery thrown it, it is a joy to read. After Bernadette moves with her husband, a Microsoft employee, and 15-year old daughter to Seattle, she becomes very unhappy with the neighborhood and people she meets, especially the moms for the private school. She is a revolutionary architect, but stopped working for unknown reasons, and stays home most of the time. One day she disappears and her daughter won’t stop trying to find her.

As soon as I saw the cover of the book I knew I would be making cookies for our first meeting.  The style of the cover gave me a chance to do some more experimenting with my airbrush.  

 I am still learning how to use my airbrush and have a long way to go.  For these cookies I made 3 stencils out of tagboard to mask different aspects of the cookie while I airbrushed.  

The rest of the cookies were painted by hand.  They were a huge success at the first meeting.  

The next book is The Golem and the Jinni...

I can't wait to get started on these cookies!!!!

Stay Sweet everyone <3

Get Back on your Feet Soon

So the idea of eating a foot shaped cookie isn't really my thing.....
kind of strange right?

But when asked to make a cookie bouquet of colorful feet wishing an injured co-worker to get back on his feet soon, how could I refuse.

I think (hope) blue and orange feet weren't as strange to eat as more traditionally colored feet ;)

Stay sweet everyone ^.^

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Corporate cookies

I have been itching to use my new airbrush that I received as a gift for christmas.  I knew this was just the set to use it on.

I needed to crank out 5doz flower cookies with the corporations logo in the middle.

Rather than piping each by hand (can anyone say hand cramp) I opted to make a stencil and then try out my new airbrush.

I have to say I was absolutely thrilled with the results.

These were a lot of fun to make.  Navy and white look so elegant together and the dusting of luster dust adds the extra pop of elegance these cookies were begging for.

I can't wait to try some more of these with different logos.
Until then Stay Sweet Everyone :D

So long, farewell, au wiedersehen, adieu

These cookies were made for a co-worker as a goodbye present.

She was moving out of state with her sweetheart.

I wish her the best of luck on her new journey in life.

Good Luck Reb! Stay Sweet!!