Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Mankato West Class of 04

I went to my High School 10 Year Reunion this past weekend....as well as a graduation party for a little boy that I babysat for/literally changed his diapers.  So I'm feeling old ;p

The reunion was a lot of fun though.  It was great catching up with people who I haven't seen since graduation and learning where they are in their lives.  

I lucked out big time because the 1st part of the reunion was a potluck in the park and I just happened to be assigned desserts.  So I broke out the airbrush hand made a stencil of my school logo and airbrushed and iced some cookies.

The cookie is a brand new franken recipe that I came up with.  It is a combo of 2 different chocolate cookie recipes and a coconut cookie recipe.  The result was a brownie/cake like cookie with coconut flecks scattered throughout.  As soon as I remember exactly what I did to make them I will post a recipe.

Hope your kick off to your summer is as exciting as mine has been so far.

Stay Sweet Everyone!

Good Luck Y'all

I was recently comishonded to make some cookies for a going away party.  No problem, I can do that.  Then I heard what the theme was....Texas.

Hmmmm, I was stumped.  I know Texas has some wonderful culture but I have never been and never thought much about it.  I turned Bake and 350 for inspiration remembering she did some beautiful themed Texas cookies awhile back.

I was struck with inspiration and after consulting with my client we decided on a bedazzled texas theme.
The results were extra shiny sparkly cookies and a better understanding on how to do a set of texas themed cookies.

I have to say that the Lone Stars were a lot of fun to make.  I would love to make a bunch of the double stacked cookies pictured below in a variety of colors.  There is something very calming about piping repeating geometric shapes.  

The one thing this set really taught me was how important it is to have quality luster dust.  Right after I finished this set I went out and bought some quality luster dust instead of the big name brand you can find in your local craft stores.  I will try and post a comparison of the two later on so you can see the difference in quality.  This set would have been far easier with a better quality product.  

So that's my Texas themed set for Y'all hope you enjoyed it.  

Finally being a Minnesotan girl and having the client be from Minnesota as well I just had to break out my Minnesota cutter for a few cookies.

Stay Sweet Everyone!