Monday, March 23, 2015

Chevron Baby Shower Cookies

How sweet is the name Oliver Watson K,  it just warms your heart, and if you could see the little guy your heart would be even warmer, he is a cutie!

This is one of those sets that got me really excited because I finally had a chance to make a chalkboard cookie......and I got to use my super cool new contraption for tracing difficult designs (more about that in a later post)

When I was commissioned for the set I was asked to make cookies to match with a chevron, chalkboard and teal themed baby shower highlighting the baby's name.  From there I had creative freedom to come up with whatever I wanted.

I opted to airbrush a few chevron cookies, do a K cookie to match a beautiful metallic K they displayed at the baby shower and the highlight of the whole set was a chalkboard cookie that matched the birth announcements.

This set allowed me to use a few techniques that I normally don't get to try out, like making my own K transfers and using (non homemade) stencils to airbrush patterns on a cookie.  

My all time favorite cookie of this set was the chalkboard cookie.  I was really excited about this one not only because I had the chance to finally make a chalkboard cookie but I also go the chance to use my Camera-Lucida app on my tablet and the new cool holder my hubby made for me so I could finally use the app.  I will do a nice write up about Camera-Lucida and how to make a stand for it some time soon.  For those of you like me who don't have a kopycake it is a great way to keep things consistent on cookies.  If you are itching to know more go and check Klickitat street for an awesome tutorial.  

Stay sweet everyone!