Saturday, December 1, 2012

Christmas tree Tower 2012

My Christmas tree tower is one of my most popular items.  I got some new cutters this year to make it look even more like a tree.   

Now you have two shape options to choose from for your tree as well as two different icing styles, not to mention 2 different sizes. 

Icing style #1 is a full flooded cookie with establishments.  A tall tower (16 cookies) costs $30 a short tower (8 cookies) costs $10.  The towers are stacked around a bamboo stick ad a few are iced together to add to the stability of the tower.    Each cookie is easily removed from the tower for your enjoyment.   

Above you can see icing style #2 You can also see the two sizes of the tree large (16 cookies) and small (6 cookies) Trees with icing style #2 cost $25 for the tall and $8 for the small.

Because of the fragile nature of the trees I do not ship them assembled.  If you need them shipped assembly will be required, but I will provide instructions and all the materials needed to put the trees together.  

When you place your order let me know if you want a star or snowflake tree (Above picture left Star, right Snowflake) tree size, piping style, and cookie flavor.

Orders can be placed at

Happy Holidays everyone!