Friday, October 18, 2013

Corset cookies: tutorial

As promised here is a brief tutorial on how to cut out the corset bachelorette set posted  here.
You will need two cutters to make these cookies, a small heart and an egg cutter.
If you don't have either of these cutters you could make a template or cut these by hand.  But it is much faster to use the cutters if you have them.

First role out your cookie dough and flower your cutters.  

 Use your egg cutter to cut out an egg shape.

Then use your egg cutter to create the hourglass shape of a corset.  If you space it right the first cookie should cut out the hips of the second cookie.

Use your small heart cutter to cut out the top edge of the corset.  You could do this part by had as well.  I just pressed along the top edge of the cutter so my cookie wasn't cut into two sections.  You can cut the cookie into two parts and bake them together on the cookie sheet but I like keeping the cookie in one section.

This is what your finished cut out should look like.  If needed you can use your fingers to pat down the edges and make the cookie smooth and uniform along the top edge.

Transfer your cookies to a baking sheet and bake these babies.  

My first set was so popular I made a second set of lingerie cookies for a friends bachelorette party.  It was a perfect gift because at the party the played a game where each girl brought the bride a pair of underwear and the bride had to guess who had bought here each pair.

How fun are her wedding colors!  Teal and orange for a fall wedding. 

Happy baking everyone, Stay sweet ^^