Sunday, October 20, 2013

Gender Neutral Baby Shower Cookies

I was commissioned to make some baby shower cookies that were gender neutral, and would set the theme for the baby shower.  The client had not yet picked out colors or a theme for the shower and told me they would match the show to the cookies.  Talk about stress....

I ended up choosing a sunny yellow and a light grass green for the colors and then gave the client several cookie designs to choose from.  She ended up choosing baby foot prints and a stork. 

Whenever you place a custom cookie order with Something sweet you will get several cookie options and prices to choose from.  Here is the sketches my baby shower client received.   
Cookie ideas

Cookie ideas continued
Up first are the storks.  I used the cookies featured on Sugarbelle's site for inspiration.  You can read the blog post here the cookies are truly amazing!

The storks were painted with a thin layer of white luster dust. 

Next came the baby feet cookies.  These were a blast to make and a great learning experience for me.  I have recently started using disco dust in some of my designs and have been experimenting with different applications.  This time I put the disco dust on the cookies while the icing was still wet.  Thus far it is my favorite way to apply the disco dust.

I love the bright shine it gives the cookies. 

This was such a fun set to make.  I can't wait to do more baby shower cookies.  The soft colors and cute designs are a lot of fun to play around with.  

Stay sweet guys :D