Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Dapper Animal Cookies

These cookies were a real treat to make.  They were made to match West Elm's Dapper Animal Plate set.

The plates and cookies were given as a gift at a bridal shower.

  I guess no one could believe they were cookies.  At first glance guests at the party thought they were napkins or coasters to match the plates.

I still don't know how I knocked these out.  I will call it a cookie miracle.  These cookies started out with a wet on wet icing technique.  

  A pink ivory icing outlined the animal head shape and an off white icing filled in the head.

 Then I hand painted each of the animals working off pictures from the West Elm website.

I am very proud of these cookies and love the plates... I am tempted to go out and get my self a set.
What do you all think?

Stay sweet everyone <3