Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Key Cookies

The hubbie and I recently went to Korea for Korean Thanksgiving.  It was the first time we have seen his folks in two years.  It was a wonderful trip filled with great food and lots of family time.  The only down side of the trip....Hubbie forgot his green card.  Fair warning to any international couples...you don't need your green card to leave the U.S. but you do need it to get on the flight back into the U.S.

Lucky for hubbie and me my folks and apartment manager are awesome people.  My folks were able to get into our apartment and fedex hubbies green card to Korea.  It arrived just on time.
These cookies were for the apartment manager and office staff because they were so amazing, they really helped us out and because of their quick response to my S.O.S email hubbie and I were able to leave Korea together.

These cookies were a combo of airbrushing, stamping, wet on wet and royal icing transfers.
I made the keys and key rings by piping icing over parchment paper (with key designs laid underneath) once the keys were dried they were airbrushed with either copper or silver.
Next I flooded the cookies and let them set for 3 min. and added the key transfers to the semi wet icing.

It was my first time trying transfers and with such a delicate design I was terrified that they would all break.  Luckily for me only a few keys broke and I made sure to make a tone of them.

I am really happy with this set and can't wait to try making some more transfers in the near future.

Stay Sweet Everyone.