Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Hoppy Spring Busy Bee

I have been a busy Bee as of late, making lots of fun cookie sets that I can't wait to share with you all!   Up first is a fun 2 cookie set I made for a local garden center.

The folks at Drummers are amazing, they are so helpful and knowledgeable.  The cherry tree Hubby and I planted in our wedding ceremony came from Drummers.  

If you are in the Mankato area be sure to go and check them out, they have a wonderful selection of plants, trees, pond supplies and little shiny baubles to place around your garden. 

This cookie above combines two of my new favorite decorating toys, first don't you just love the birch stencil, it is so dreamy....

and the gum paste bee!!!! I am going to start putting little bee's on everything because they are so darn cute!

Because spring has finally hit Minnesota I decided to do some cookies to welcome in spring!  This set was gifted to one of my loyal customers who I made this set for.  She had given me some cookie cutters to use for the set and I totally forgot to return them. 

I figured when returning something late you better have a nice gift to go with it... thus the spring themed cookies.

This Bunny is my favorite, and take two, the first one met its sad end when it fell to the floor along with a whole baking sheet of finished cookies.

Oh well I guess that's just the way the cookie crumbles. 

That being said it is sometimes fun to start over, it gives you a chance to fix mistakes you made on the previous cookies or to try something new.  

Over all I am very happy with how all these cookies turned out.  
Happy Spring Everyone!  Stay Sweet :D