Monday, May 2, 2016

Giraffe Birthday Cookies

Hand Painted cookies are some of my favorite cookies to make, they are also often the most challenging.

When my wonderful co-worker asked me for a set for her daughters 20th birthday I was thrilled.
Her only request was that I incorporate giraffes some how.

Giraffes you say... no problem!  I loved making this set, not only did I get to hand paint some fun cookies, I also go to work on my flower piping and did some stencil work as well!

Check out the whole set, doesn't it just give you warm fuzzies!  The mamma giraffe and baby were by far the favorite of my co-worker and her daughter.  
Below you will find close ups of all the individual cookies.  

These little mini cookies might just be my favorite of the set.  I love the color combo and how whimsical they look.  

Finally the silhouette cookie.  Silhouette cookies are quickly becoming my favorites.  I really like how they turn out and once I have a stencils for them they are super easy to make.  At the moment I hand cut each of the stencils I use.  But I now have a giraffe stencil so any takers for some super cute giraffe cookies?

Hope you enjoyed the overwhelming cute!  Stay Sweet Everyone!!!