Sunday, May 1, 2016

Sweet Seattle

Hello again everyone,
Sorry for the brief hiatus.  Just because I haven't been posting doesn't mean I haven't been busy making cookies.

I have almost a year of backlogged cookies to share with you!  Lets start off with a set that was made a little over a year ago as a Fathers day present.  The client wanted a set of cookies that reflected Seattle, the space needle, fishing, pine trees and a fishing boat.

I was provided with a photo of the fishing boat and after that I had permission to go wild, all while hitting all the requested design ideas.

Google was my best friend for this project not only did it help me figure out exactly what the client meant by "those really tall pine trees that you find around the Seattle area" but it also helped me get a good idea of what the Space Needle actually looked like.

The pine trees by far were my favorite to paint.  There was something so satisfying about laying all those different colors of green.  I loved paining the trees so much that in true Bob Ross style I even made a family of happy trees :D

I couldn't forget to represent the city of Seattle so I decided to paint a cityscape and found a lovely print on line to recreate on a cookie as well.  

Now on the the fishy part of the post.  With some help from the client I learned the lucky reciepient loved salmon fishing.  Another quick Google search taught me all about the salmon you would find in  Washington.

I always love the drawings you see in old field guides so I decided to go with that style for my fish, and if you are fishing you defiantly need a fishing rod so I made a few of those to go with the fish as well.  

Thanks for sticking with me though the hiatus, and be sure to check back I have loads of updates waiting.  
Until then Stay Sweet Everyone!