Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Summer time cookies

Summer is finally here, sunny weather, beautiful flowers, warm breezes and butterfly's.

These cookies were made as a thank you gift for some very special teachers and volunteers right before summer vacation began.

These wonderful women devote their time to teaching the next generation.  I was lucky enough to work along side them throughout the school year as a volunteer for the Read 180 program.  This program helps students who are reading below grad level catch up.

I was part of a similar program when I was in the second grad and thanks to dedicated teachers I was reading at a college level before I entered high school. I was privileged enough to work with some awesome 5th graders and thanks to the dedication of their wonderful teachers and volunteers I think many of them will be reading at grade level by the time they start the 6th grade!

Be sure you take the time today to think about a special teacher that changed your life, and if you are able to go out there and thank them.  I am so grateful for all my educators did for me and what they continue to do in the world today.  These sweets are for all the educators out there!  Thank you for all you do!