Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Lets Go Twins!

As promised here are some more baseball cookies.

This was a challenging set for me because the order was made for a diabetic teenager.  I did my best to offer a few different options and did my best to give my client a rough idea of the carbs, sugar and calories in the cookies. 
Hand died sugar cookies

I ended up making two different style cookies.  Some with the dough died and others fully iced.  I was able to cut down on the sugar in the cookies with the died dough because I didn't have to use as much royal icing.  

They look vintage right?

Good ol' regular sugar cookies

I also got to experience another 1st with this cookie order.

8in name plaque 

I got to make a giant cookie, an 8in plaque with the clients son's name on it.  
I am really enjoying making these baseball themed cookies.  
Have a team you want to see in cookie form.... place an order at

Stay sweet guys ^^