Monday, July 8, 2013

Take me out to the ball game...

So as I understand it during the summer a bunch folks go out and sit in the heat and watch a bunch of guys swing a stick at a ball and run around in a diamond shape..... This is my basic understanding and appreciation of baseball.

I have tried but it has never been a sport that I got into.  However I love making baseball themed cookies.  The mascots are so much fun and the colors are vibrant.  I was even more thrilled when I was asked to make some baseball cookies for a soldier serving overseas.

  His sister said that my cookies reminded her of some that a neighbor use to make for her and her brother.  The cookies their neighbor made for them made such a lasting impression they still talk about them today (and they are grown and have kids of their own)

I was lucky enough to get an e-mail from the recipient of my cookies.  Here is what he had to say: 


My sister,sent me a box of your cookies on behalf of my nephew.   They arrived delicious and intact, all the way to the Kingdom of Bahrain!  Great work on the Pittsburgh Pirates design, it has helped lift my spirits as a long deployment nears the end.  Good luck in all your business endeavors.

Soldier overseas

I am so touched that he took the time to write to me and super happy that all the cookies made it intact.  I was worried about the bills of the hats breaking off. 

If you have anyone special to you that is far from home and want to send some cookies there way let me know.  I am more than happy to help brighten someones day.  

Stay sweet everyone!