Friday, May 1, 2015

A chance to do some good....and eat some cookies!

Sometimes at the end of an order I have a few extra cookies.  If they don’t get gobbled up by the hubby first I will take the time to decorate them….and then eat them.

I decided this time around why not let you eat them?

Here is how this is going to work, This set of Cat In The Hat cookies will be auctioned off to the highest bidder. 

The proceeds will go to Minnesota Literacy Council which helps people of all ages from 3 years olds mastering their ABCs to grandparents determined to get their GED.  They are able to reach nearly 90,000 children and adults each year!

What you need to do….

Go to my  Facebook Page and comment on The Cat In The Hat album with your bid.

Bidding will start at $10.00 (which is the minimum donation that can be made to Minnesota Literacy Council)

Comment below with your donation bid

The Auction will close Sunday (5/3) at 6:00pm CT

The highest bidder can pick up or have your cookies delivered (If you live in the Mankato area)

If you don’t live in Mankato I can ship your cookies to you but I ask that you pay for the packaging and shipping (approximately $15.00)

The winning bidder may choose a charitable organization that you would like your donation to go to as well, I only ask that it benefit children or literacy.

Thank you all for your support!  Let’s go out there and do some good!