Sunday, May 10, 2015

The Journals of Thaddeus Shock Pocket

I am so excited to share this next set of cookies with you!  Not only because they were a blast to make but because they depict the fabulous books from Local Mankato Author Henry L. Walton!
As you all already know I love reading and I love sharing the joy of reading with others.  Let me tell you Henry Walton does a wonderful job of sharing the joy of reading with young and old alike with his Thaddeus Shockpocket series.

If you haven't read the books yet I suggest you go out and do it straight away.  They are an absolute joy a fun and funny steampunk type adventure though a fabulously created world.  Oh and not to mention there is lots of fun art scattered thought the books.

This set was made in celebration of the second book release in The Journals of Thaddeus Shockpocket series.

I am still working my way though Albion 77 unfortunately I can't decorate cookies and read at the same time.  But I have been assured by the authors wife that the 2nd book in the series Victoria is even better than the first.  I can't wait to read it.

 If you aren't intrigued yet he is a brilliant review form Amazon that basically sums up how I feel about theses books
 "Okay! This book is the most fun I have had in months! The author uses matter of fact hilarity to tell his story. Eight year-olds would love the stories, though they would not be independent readers with it. Fourteen year-olds would love the scientific inventions (I would love to hear if they pick-up on the invention of the internet!) Anyone over sixteen or eighteen will love the word play. As a teacher, I would read it/teach with it from second grade onward. It is fantastic from cover to cover! There are so many ridiculous and incredible stories--so many are so subtle. I cannot wait for future journals to be published. I am curious to see if Thaddeaus follows up with his experiments watching paint there more story line with that????? Yours in Friendship and Distance...." 

I figure since the books are all about adventure why not make the cookie making process an adventure as well.  I learned a lot of new things making these cookies, like how to airbrush in a gradient.  How to use corn syrup to make parts of the cookies look like glass, and how to make holographic cookies using stencils and multiple layers of airbrush sheen.

The cookies above are the "holographic" cookies.  If you look closely you can see a few different layers of gears.  I used a warm brown, gold, copper and bronze color in different layers to get the effect.  

Check out this quick video to see a bit better how the whole effect turned out.  

These cookies truly were a labor of love, a good hour or two went into each of the book cover and back cookies.  The results in the end were totally worth it, but let me tell you my hand and wrist will not miss painting all those fine details any time soon.  

Just to give you a bit of an idea here is the comparison between the book covers and cookies. 

Well that's all for now.  I will have one more book inspired set coming your way later this week and then on to other exciting cookies. 

Stay sweet everyone!