Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Love, Weddings and Valentines

So this post covers it all, Love, Weddings and Valentines!

These lovely cookies were made for a wonderful Korean couple that just recently tied the knot!

By the time the shipment reaches them it should be just in time for Valentines day, so I made these cookies with a bit of Valentines flair.

This sweet couple really Loves one another and I wanted a cute way to depict that in my cookies.  I asked each of them to let me know their favorite color, favorite animal and the date of their wedding and the date they first started dating (proposals are not big in Korea or I would have included that date in the cookie mix as well.  

I love you in English and Korea

First Date and Wedding Date

Some Valentines Flair
Congratulations Soon Hong and Su Hee!