Thursday, January 10, 2013

Valentines Day Gift Box

I am so excited to share this next goodie with you!

This is my new creation and my new favorite cookie to make!  A gift box made of cookies!  

These lovely boxes can be filled with hand made chocolate truffles, mini cookies or both!  

The top of the box can have a secret message written on the inside like "I love you" "Be Mine" or even "Marry Me"  

This box was made for the wonderful folks with the Ambassadors club to help them raise money for the St. Paul Winter Carnival, thus the mini snowflake cookies inside.  When you order we can work out a special cookie design for you and your loved one. 
When you order let me know what colors and designs you are interested in.  Also let me know if you want truffles, mini cookie or both in the box. 

Boxes run from $40-$60 and are approximately 5.5in by 2.5in