Sunday, April 14, 2013

Giddy Up!

Giddy Up ya'll!

These cute horse cookies were made for one of my old students 5th birthday!

The birthday girl is in love with horses!

For her Birthday her parents rented a petting zoo in lieu of gifts!  How fun is that!

I got to hand deliver these lovely cookies with my hubby the day of there party.
While there we got to pet bunnies, ducks, chickens, geese, lamas, goats and sheep as well as one very fluffy dog.

To top it off there was even a pony that looked a whole lot like the cookies I brought.

This cookie looks just like blueberry the real pony at the party :D
Unfortunately I was way to big for a pony ride, but the birthday girl sure did love it!
I hope you all love these cookies as much as the birthday girl did!

Have a special event coming up in your future? Feel free to contact me about custom cookies for the event, I am willing to try anything!