Saturday, April 13, 2013

Korean Wedding Cookies

As you saw in my previous post my best friend in Korea is getting married.

I made chicken cookies for him and didn't want his soon to be wife to be left out.
They are having a Korean Catholic wedding but I thought it would be fun to do some cookies decorated in a traditional Korean wedding theme.
The cookies are a mix of Lemon Vanilla, Chocolate Raspberry and Vanilla Bean.

After the ceremony the happy couple is showered with dates and chestnuts which they try and catch in a cloth between them.  The chestnuts represent boys and the dates girls.  The number they catch represents the number of children they will have.  I really hope this is not true because when Lee and I got married we caught a ton of them......

Every couple in Korea is given a pair of wooden ducks by their family.  Ducks mate for life and they are used to symbolize longevity in the marriage.  There are also a fun way to tell how the couple is doing.  When the ducks are facing each other that means that the couple is happy, however if they are back to back it means they are fighting.  

Looks like happy times ahead

 Lack and Hey Young his wife to be are getting married on the 13th of April which is the height of cheery blossom season in Korea.  I thought it was only appropriate that they have some cherry blossom cookies for their special day.  

Congratulations to the happy couple I wish all the best for you!