Sunday, October 14, 2012

4th Birthday Cookies/Saving Time

I always have good intentions when I make cookies, I think to myself I am going to be on top of things and really make these things awesome.... then I remember I have a job and a billion other things to do around the house so I cheat..... How do I do that you ask?

If I am feeling super awesome I make one other color of icing.
Instead of spending lots of time coloring different icing, piping in different colors and then thinning it out and flooding in other colors I do it all in white and then paint on my colors. 

It is one way to get cookies done quickly and I get just as many complements on my painted cookies as I do my colored icing ones. 

What do you do to save time when making cookies, when you realize there are only so many hours in a day.

Oh and the important stuff, these cookies were made for two lovely girls who were both turning 4.  Lucy was having a princess party and Addie was having an ocean themed party and loves dolphins.  Both girls loved their cookies and are proud 4 year olds.