Monday, October 15, 2012

Chuseok Cookies 2012

Bottom Row Left to Right: Seongpyon (rice cake) Happy Chuseok, little girls hanbok
Middle Row: Little boys hanbok, Korean fan, Persimmon, plate of seongpyeon,
Top Row: Lady's Hanbok, Man's Hanbok 

Korean Thanksgiving has come and gone again.  Now that Lee and I are state side we don't do much for the holiday.  However this year Lee informed me that we would be having dinner with one of his Korean friends.Awesome I'll make cookies I thought, then a few days later Lee told me dinner was off.  Then the day before Chuseok the dinner was back on o.0 sooooo what did I do?

 I made cookies of course, these bad boys were baked iced and painted all in the same day.  The icing was still a bit wet while I painted them thus the super pastel colors....which magically work.  So happy Korean Thanksgiving Everyone!