Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Thank You ARBEZ

I have been attending a class called "When Dreams Meet Reality" and it has really changed my life.  It is what has inspired me to take my passion to baking to the next level and try and make it into a career.  Be sure to go and check them out Catherine is a very inspirational speaker, with tons of experience in job search world.  If you are a bit lost in your job right now, or starting fresh like me taking one of her classes could very well change your life.  It is well worth the money you put into it!  

So as you can see I am very passionate about the class I am taking, and very thankful for all that I have learned and discovered about applying for jobs, resumes, and how to find your dream job.  As a thank you I wanted to make some cookies for the class and for Catherine.  

Catherine's motto is "Change your stripes"  (if you haven't noticed her company name is zebra spelled backwards) To keep with the company theme I made here zebra cookies.  

Now this was a daunting task because Catherine actually owns her own zebra named Joe, so the woman knows a thing or two about zebras.  Because of this I had to bone up on my zebra skills.  I studied lots of pictures on line before decided that it was much more practical to go with a more cartoonie zebra than a real looking one...the real ones have way to many stripes!

I hope you all enjoy the zebras I know I sure did!