Friday, November 2, 2012

Sweet Korean Rice Cakes (Seong Peyon)

As promised I am back to sweets, while still keeping with the theme of Korean food that this week seems to be devoted to.
These chewy little balls of goodness are filled with dates, brown sugar or honey and sunflower seeds.  These are not the traditional fillings for seong peyon, however I am allergic to most of the traditional fillings so I made my own up.  If you want to make some with traditional fillings fill these little guys with sweet bean paste, chestnuts or a mixture of honey and sesame seeds. 
Un-steamed rice cakes

Seong Peyon are easy to find all over Korea but you most often see them around holiday time, especially for Chuseok (Korean Thanksgiving) and Korean New Years. 

Making these guys is a whole lot like playing with playdough, it is a blast!  I can't wait to make another batch, especially since my mother in law is sending me colored rice flour (colored with natural vegetables) from Korea so I can make all the different colors without using food coloring.

I hope you enjoy these guys, and if you want a batch for at home send me an e-mail or comment on the page and I will contact you about pricing and shipping options.